Townhall Proprietary Research's mission is to provide value-
added, high quality research/advisory information to institutional
investors.   Townhall combines our deep equity research expertise,
experience and methodology with our long term, proprietary
relationships with select technology consulting firms to provide
insight not available from standard sell-side research.

We focus on select sectors of the high-technology universe in order
to offer unparalleled depth of knowledge about the companies and
industry sectors we follow.  Our relationships span both public and
private companies and reach deep into the management and
engineering teams at the companies we cover, allowing us to
make connections and spot trends well before analysts who rely
primarily on company earnings calls and regulatory filings.  

The research is provided in the form of Research Modules focused
on small sub-sectors of the technology industry.  Each Research
Module is driven by a financial analyst who leverages a unique
contractual relationship that Townhall has formed with one to three
small consultant firms that are solely focused on a specific sub-
sector. In addition to the value added or “translated” research
provided via the financial analyst, Townhall will provides direct
access to the individual industry consultants at our partner
organizations.  Subscription packages for either the value added
research written by the Research Modules’ financial analyst or
direct access to industry consultants will be offered on an annual
basis and may be paid for either directly or through a third party
trading organization using commission dollars.

Townhall Proprietary Research, LLC